Bureau d'accueil de Cazals :
05 65 22 88 88

Bureau d'accueil de Salviac :
05 65 37 02 63

Le Jardin médiéval du Barry à Salviac                                       



Established in 2008 on the ancient castle moats, this garden was inspired by the medieval gardens, and in fact this is the ancient kitchen garden of the Lacoste castle just opposite the road.

• Open all year. Keys at the Office de Tourisme

• For more information, please call




Le Jardin bourian à Dégagnac                                


Le Jardin Bourian is located at the far side of the lake just before entering the village of Dégagnac.

This is a welcoming and relaxed place, where you can just walk in and out and enjoy the beautiful work of the gardeners who aim at preserving their sensitive environment.

• Open Thursdays from 9h30 - 12h30

• For more information please phone or