Bureau d'accueil de Cazals :
05 65 22 88 88

Bureau d'accueil de Salviac :
05 65 37 02 63




Cazals welcomes with open arms, with its large square bordered by shops and plane trees, under which jovial games of boules are played. This gently-sloping esplanade, the legacy of a bastide past, is home to the most beautiful market in the Bouriane. Every Sunday, the perfumes of the Causse and other local flavours fill the air, generously, in a typically southern atmosphere. Here, encounters tinted with the local accent are made and linger over a glass of regional wine on the café terraces. Cazals is a town with quality commerces but also boasts walks that take you back in time, to the home of Judge Lavaur, to the town house of the Salviac de Vielcastel noble family (Cahors road), or to the medieval castle (12th century, modified in the 15th century), now a private residence that a botanical path leads you towards before slipping off into the woods. But, in Cazals on a fine day, your steps will inevitably lead you to the Cayre lake where you can take a refreshing dip and enjoy a picnic or a snack at the bar. Next to the multisports court, a playground invites children in. The more romantic will dream on the wooden pontoons, in the moonlight, lulled by the songs of frogs offering memorable concerts.

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